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First Impression is The Last Impression!

How to make a good first impression on the phone

Avoid using non-authoritative, overused opening statements. This goes well on the sales call, there is never a “good time”- people will always say that it’s a bad time because they’re busy. By building a better and more effective opening statement, you greatly improve your probability of making a SALE!

surprise and delight your customers

9 Creative Ways to Surprise And Delight Your Customers!

surprise and delight your customers


Go that extra mile – surprise your customers

1) Do more than they have been expecting
2) Send over some “small gifts” to them
3) Drop-in follow-up emails with “thank you” lines
4) Keep records of everything you know about them
5) Always “own their problem”, follow-up until it’s solved
6) Encourage customer complaints and feedback
7) Confess to and apologize for errors
8) Always provide updates and follow up on customer suggestions
9) Try to make the final moments of the sale memorable


Are You A Telemarketing Superstar?

be a telemarketing superstar

Are You A Telemarketing Superstar?

Top Telemarketers are in demand! These are some of the qualities you need to possess to be in “A” game:
1. Excellent communication skills.
2. The power to identify sales leads from the time wasters.
3. A professional and confident attitude.
4. A world class telephone manner.
5. Ability to build rapport over the phone quickly.