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What Data-Obsessed Marketers Don’t Understand

Big data has become the X factor of modern marketing, the hero of every marketer’s story. But it’s a promise at risk of letting you down. You may be thinking that data will magically turn bush-league marketing into a winning “Moneyball” performance. But that’s an artifact of our big data obsession. Data, alone, isn’t what makes marketing move the needle for business.

Data can play a leading role in developing strategy and bringing precision to execution, but it does nothing — absolutely nothing — to stir motivation and create the desire that makes cash registers ring. Data is important, but it’s content that makes an emotional connection.

That’s why we believe today’s data-obsessed marketers are at risk of cultivating only half a brain. Marketing leaders must remember that true brand intelligence lives at the intersection of head andheart, where the emotional self meets the analytical self.

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How To Hire Telemarketers

Hiring telemarketers for your business requires some preparation. While it may seem that anyone can do this kind of work, the fact is it’s not as easy as it appears. If your company relies on inbound or outbound telemarketing services to produce sales, leads, or surveys, it’s imperative to find the right employees.


How To Train Telemarketers To Do Surveys

Telemarketing surveys provide critical market research information for business management purposes and marketing efforts. Like any other business task training telemarketers for peak performance is important for gaining the information necessary for business growth. Telemarketing is not an easy job but it is very important, demanding a certain set of skills.


Why Telemarketing?

For eons, telemarketing has been an indispensable tool for many businesses. Not only does it promote the company’s products and services in such an efficient way, it also lets them know what’s on the customer’s mind in a flash. But the question is this: is telemarketing the right one for you?