benefits of telemarketing

Benefits Of Telemarketing Using A Cloud Hosted Solution

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I often get asked- why should i switch from a brick and mortar, or from buying licensing software to something like Aavaz, a web-based, cloud telemarketing solution? The answers are pretty simple…

See below:

benefits of telemarketing

Flexible, Extendable Working Hours
Companies sometimes need to have frequent communication with customers, often in different time zones and locations. A hosted solution like Aavaz makes it easy to manage workers based in different time ones, which allows them to work during many time preferences. This can include offset hours of the day, thus enabling companies to be always connected.

Improvements in Productivity
For a lot of people, working from their own homes is far more comfortable and productive than being in an office environment. The virtual, hosted solution like Aavaz provides a place and means of work that both the employer and employee can benefit from.

Lower Employee Turnover
Attrition at traditional contact centers, call centers, and telemarketing companies is extremely high, as is employee turn-over rate. With virtual contact centers, employees can be more flexible, not burn out so
quickly, avoid stress and choose the job based on their liking and ability, and not on location of the facility.

No Geographical Limitations
Even small companies can find talent in specific locations that they want to target. Aavaz enables tilization of possible employees from all over the globe with hosted-in-the-cloud services that are always
accessible, always on.

No Need for Capital Investment
Despite the success of outsourcing, and the benefits it can often provide, Language and cultural arriers, customer satisfaction and labor rates are all issues for extremely large companies with nearly unlimited resources to deal with. With a virtual solution like Aavaz, there is no need of any capital investment, no need to hire telemarketing companies, existing staff can be used after minimal online training, thus completely eliminating the need for dedicated real estate or technology. Just an internet-enabled computer will do!