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How Do You Overcome Your Fear Of Cold Calling?

Start expecting to Listen to a "NO". It will help you quickly move to your next call without car
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Telemarketing Is A Non-Visual Medium. While That’s Good In Some Ways, In Others (Like Eye Contact) It’s Not

Cross the non-visual divide by being personable, jovial and warm.

There Are Only 4 Elements to Make A Sale

1. Get attention 2. Excavate need 3. Show how you can give them what they want 4. Close with

Tips For A Successful Telemarketing Campaign

1. Hire telemarketers that LOVE what they do This is may seem plainly obvious, but often busin
Welcome To Our Nurture Blog!

Welcome To Our Nurture Blog!

We imagine you might be asking...Why would Aavaz, a telemarketing software, want to blog about Nurtu
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