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Are You A Telemarketing Superstar?

Are You A Telemarketing Superstar? Top Telemarketers are in demand! These are some of the qua
Before Hiring

Before Hiring, How Do You Test The “People Skills” Of Your Tele-Calling Agents?

Before hiring, how do you test the "people skills" of your tele-calling agents? Set-up mo

Effective Communication Is The Mantra For Telemarketing Success.

Different skills are required for telemarketing success. Having a positive vocabulary will h
Active Listening

Some Tips For Active Listening

While you're on a call, if you're finding it hard to focus on what the other person is sayin
Check Your Self confidence

Check Your Self-confidence – Take The “MIRROR TEST”

Check Your Self-confidence - Take The "MIRROR TEST" Stand a mirror up in front of your de
Selling The Transferred Enthusiasm!

Selling = The Transferred Enthusiasm!

Here are 5 things you can make out to ignite enthusiasm within yourself. 1. Draw strength