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Seamless “in app” call center functionality and native telephony integration is now possible with SugarCRM

Oakland, CA, January 31, 2018: Businesses can make and receive calls directly within Sugar, as a
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Auto Dialers- What is the difference between Predictive, Preview, Progressive and Power Dialers?

In a contact center, there are various critical functions playing their unique roles to optimize a b

Advancing Cloud Technology Minimizes Human Resource and On-Premise Call Center Issues

Adopting new technology for large organizations requires preparation, rounds of discussion among

Top 3 Trends in the Off-Shore Call Center World in 2015

The “Gold Rush” of outsourced call centers in the early 2000s, while great for the companies sav
Where Do You Find The Sources

Where Do You Find The Sources For New Prospects?

BE CREATIVEBE INNOVATIVE Read the newspaper Refer to trade/Industry magazines Look i
Create Codes For Your Data Sources!

Create Codes For Your Data Sources!

This may sound hard to do- but if you can create codes for your data sources, you will be ab
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