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Seamless “in app” call center functionality and native telephony integration is now possible with SugarCRM

Oakland, CA, January 31, 2018: Businesses can make and receive calls directly within Sugar, as a
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Auto Dialers- What is the difference between Predictive, Preview, Progressive and Power Dialers?

In a contact center, there are various critical functions playing their unique roles to optimize a b

Advancing Cloud Technology Minimizes Human Resource and On-Premise Call Center Issues

Adopting new technology for large organizations requires preparation, rounds of discussion among

Top 3 Trends in the Off-Shore Call Center World in 2015

The “Gold Rush” of outsourced call centers in the early 2000s, while great for the companies sav

Which Industries Can Benefit From Telemarketing….. Hint: Everyone…Learn How.

I worked for a company that sold summer dresses to Boutiques across Canada and the US. Every
Caller Tips-Calendar In Your Promised Call Backs To Your Customers

Caller Tips! Calendar In Your Promised Call Backs To Your Customers! You Could Lose A Sale If You Miss Your Window…

Calendar in your promised call backs to your customers! You could lose a sale if you miss your win