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Are You A Telemarketing Superstar?

Are You A Telemarketing Superstar? Top Telemarketers are in demand! These are some of the qua
Before Hiring

Before Hiring, How Do You Test The “People Skills” Of Your Tele-Calling Agents?

Before hiring, how do you test the "people skills" of your tele-calling agents? Set-up mo
Active Listening

Some Tips For Active Listening

While you're on a call, if you're finding it hard to focus on what the other person is sayin
Check Your Self confidence

Check Your Self-confidence – Take The “MIRROR TEST”

Check Your Self-confidence - Take The "MIRROR TEST" Stand a mirror up in front of your de
Selling The Transferred Enthusiasm!

Selling = The Transferred Enthusiasm!

Here are 5 things you can make out to ignite enthusiasm within yourself. 1. Draw strength
Why Outbound Telemarketing Campaigns Fail

Why Outbound Telemarketing Campaigns Fail?

I’ve written about many reasons why and how you should run telemarketing campaigns. As the