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Seamless “in app” call center functionality and native telephony integration is now possible with SugarCRM

Oakland, CA, January 31, 2018: Businesses can make and receive calls directly within Sugar, as a

Advancing Cloud Technology Minimizes Human Resource and On-Premise Call Center Issues

Adopting new technology for large organizations requires preparation, rounds of discussion among

What Data-Obsessed Marketers Don’t Understand

Big data has become the X factor of modern marketing, the hero of every marketer’s story. But it's

Fine-Tune Your Outbound Sales Formula To Help Save Your Startup

Editor’s note: Steli Efti is the Co-Founder/Chief Hustler of ElasticSales and an advisor to sever
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Why Telemarketing?

For eons, telemarketing has been an indispensable tool for many businesses. Not only does it promo