Hiring Virtually Or Telecommuting Employment Is No Longer A New Frontier: Especially In The Telemarketing World!

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It’s 2013. And the world has changed. I bet you’re on board with me on that. While the world has experienced much growth, advancement, innovation and success….it has also experienced a financial downturn (at-least 2 in the last decade itself).

Those downturns have slowed many things down, changed the way we think about consumption, our wants vs. needs and most of all it has helped us change the way we think about spending. Especially if you’re running your own business, or are trying find a new job.

Think about it. I’m Joe, the business owner. I have sales and revenue goals and I want to (no, I need to) meet them. The guys I want to hire are available due to the shitty employment climate, and I still can’t afford them because they’re out on the West Coast somewhere. Paying for their re-location, their families to move, the advance organization that that requires is simply not worth it to me nor do I have the time or the resources.

And then there’s me…Frank– the talented sales guy that can sell ice to the Eskimos. I can’t catch a break. Everyone that wants to hire me wont’ pay for re-location, nor will they pro-rate the costs into my pay because I’m commission based. I can’t afford to move my entire family for a commission-based job. So I continue to seek new opportunities.

It’s times like this when companies and job seekers should be aware of all the possibilities out there. 5-8 years ago, the thought of a sales management software that records calls, reports on daily activity against assigned goals, assigns scripts to callers, allows callers to email etc…were not that common unless you were talking about brick and mortar call center operations.

That’s all changed now. Frank—the excellent sales guy can stay in his home and work for Joe, the business owner can hire him without wondering if he’s actually going to work for him or not…because he will be able to see and hear everything Frank is doing.

There’s a ton of software out there that can help companies who want to begin outreach programs to increase their sales and revenues. More than just being available, the software is affordable and easily accessible.

If you’re in the market for improving and increasing your sales revenue via outbound telemarketing, make sure to look for the following answers before you take the new software plunge:

1. How easy it is to monitor your callers/employees

2. How easy it is to set up campaigns

3. What kinds of reports can I see in order to gauge the activity of my virtual employee

The answers to the above 3 questions will put you in a good place to find a suitable software for your needs. Of course, feel free to contact us if you’d like help figuring out if our product fits your needs as well.

Happy Hunting!