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Auto Dialers- What is the difference between Predictive, Preview, Progressive and Power Dialers?

In a contact center, there are various critical functions playing their unique roles to optimize a b

How “Not To Lose” A Prospect In The First 10 Seconds Of Your Cold Calling!

Start off by "Is this a good time to speak?" followed by a quick introduction about your cal
So You’ve Got An Appointment

So You’ve Got An Appointment With A Business Prospect And It Got Cancelled Last Minute?

So you've got an appointment with a business prospect and it got cancelled last minute? Wond
Where Do You Find The Sources

Where Do You Find The Sources For New Prospects?

BE CREATIVEBE INNOVATIVE Read the newspaper Refer to trade/Industry magazines Look i

Why Warm Calling Is Better Than Cold Calling

You would be surprised at how many people don’t know about this simple tip. It is so m

Caller Tips! It’s Very Important For You To Experience The Power Of Making SALES!

It's very important for you to experience the power of making SALES! It's very vital to a co