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Top 3 Trends in the Off-Shore Call Center World in 2015

The “Gold Rush” of outsourced call centers in the early 2000s, while great for the companies saving hoards of money, was not met with warmth or patience by the English speaking countries. The US/Western economy has an unusually keen distaste for tolerating accents. For what seemed like overnight- , they were being ostensibly forced to understand Indian and Filipino (along with some African, Eastern & European thrown in) …


Are You A Telemarketing Superstar?

Are You A Telemarketing Superstar? Top Telemarketers are in demand! These are some of the qua
Your Time Is Valuable

Your Time Is Valuable

Qualify your prospects as fast as possible. If they are not interested move on to the next. It w

Tips For A Successful Telemarketing Campaign

1. Hire telemarketers that LOVE what they do This is may seem plainly obvious, but often busin