The 1 Tip To Look For When Hiring A Telemarketer

The #1 Tip To Look For When Hiring A Telemarketer.

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There’s a lot of things to look for when hiring a telemarketer. And even if you know all of them, you won’t know whether any particular person will work out till you hire them.
I’m not going to list them all here, because there are a number of articles out there that will tell you what those are. At the end of the day, make sure you use a system, that is able to tell you about your callers by providing good numbers on them…as it is a numbers game.
The one question that as a manager you have to ask yourself is this – Is your telemarketing guy/gal “Sturdy”? What I mean by that is; does this person have consistency, are they persistent and do they have the strength to take a beating from NO’s over and over again…And then get up, put a smile on and call the next one.
In my experience callers will do everything including tying their shoelaces before making the next call. The sturdy ones know that they have to make the call. They know it’s a numbers game. They know they have to call the next person, be polite, perfect the pitch, deliver it and be ready to pounce on the 150th person that shows interest.

Your job is to identify these “sturdy” ones. Make sure you set them up for success. Give them a good cold call opening. Give them a good pitch and sales demo. Give them a good system that helps them track who to call next…because this is what they thrive on…consistently calling people. Even if the callers don’t have the other skills, they will learn them. Nurture them and let them sail through your lists and be successful for you.


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